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AWEP Project has participated in the 2nd ICEEP
AWEP Project has participated in the 2ndInternational conference on "Energy and Environmental Protection inSustainable Development" at Palestine Polytechnic University. 

A presentationhas been introduced by  AWEP ManagerEng.Mohammad Tamimi that  presented all theproject aspects and emphasizing on the main role of the EU and  browsing  some details about the EURe-Granting implemented through the project and showing the AWEP website. Therewas a fruitful discussion followed the presentation which reflects thatthis project has much interest at local community, and even from other attendantswho came from out side the Country. Moreover the AWEP team were contacted frommany organizations and individuals who attended the conference asking for futuremeetings and more information about the project.

 Thepress mentioned the presentation, which can be seen on the website of theconference at: 


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