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Jericho Workshop Schedule

25-March-2010 Thursday

The Heat of the Sun Energy in Jericho Workshop

Location: ( Intercontinental-Jericho)








Presenter :Mr.Basem Al-Natsheh


Opening Ceremony

Dr.Subhi Ershaid

Patients Friends Society –Ahli Hospital

Time: 9:30-10:00

Dr.  Chairman  of Energy Authority

Omar Kittaneh

Mr. Olivier Maes

European Commission Representative

Coffee break


Start of Session one                           Title of session : ( The Middle East and Renewable Energy Challenges )

Head of Session :  Dr.Imad Ibrik                       Time:10:30-13:30

Dr.Ahmad Al Salaymeh ( Director of Energy Center/  University of Jordan)


Subject:  Perspective of Renewable Energy in Jordan and southern Mediterranean Countries


Dr.Imad Al Khatib ( Palestine Polytechnic University Presentation)

Subject:. Climate change Scenarios for Palestine(2000-2045) and opportunities for mitigating possible inverse impact


Eng.Basil Yaseen( Palestinian Energy Authority)

Subject: Renewable Energy  Application in Palestine

Lunch break


Start  of session two                                     Title of session: (Renewable Energy Projects Necessity and Reality)                                        

Head of session: Eng.Naief El Hoor                       Time:14:30-17:30

Eng.Abdel Raof El-Sheikh (Hebron Electric Power Company

Subject:  Electricity in Palestine

Dr.Imad Ibrik  (Al-Najah National University)

Subject: Visibility of using Solar Energy for Electrification of Small Villages in Palestine

Eng.Mohammad Tamimi (AWEP Manager)

Subject:  Ahli Hospital Wind Energy Project ,The need and reality

End of the Day and




Venue: Intercontinental-Jericho

Date: 25.March.2010   9:30—5:30

Tel: 02-2228113

Fax: 02-2229061


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