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Wind energy project launches website to raise renewable energy awareness

An EU-funded project to supply the biggest health facility in the West Bank with 40% of its power through wind energy is launching its official website, aiming to share its experience in order to raise awareness about renewable energies and to highlight environmental problems.


The website of the “AWEP” Al Ahli Hospital Wind Energy Project can be found at


Launching the website, project manager Eng. Mohammed Tamimi underlined that “the European Union is funding this pioneer project in the Palestinian territory for the benefit of the Al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron, aiming to help and develop countries and organizations in their efforts to manage the environment and natural resources.”


This website will help by:


1.      raising awareness among public institutions and individuals about the importance of alternative energy sources and renewable energy;

2.      highlighting the environmental problems facing our world and discussing appropriate solutions to these problems;

3.      encouraging various bodies concerned with renewable energy sources to go towards these projects;

4.      sharing the knowledge and experience gained from working in this project with all interested organizations.

IT specialist Fadia Daana has been appointed as website administrator to show the importance of the website to the whole project.




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