AWEP  - Ahli Hospital Wind Energy Project

The first in type and size in Palestine. Generating electricity from wind power. Clean, safe and environmentally friendly source . This is the model for green energy system in the region .Disseminate the renewable energy concept all over Palestine. Supplying electricity to the biggest health organization in Palestine.



The European Commission has signed an agreement with the "Patient's Friend Society" Al Ahli hospital in the West Bank city of Hebron, to finance a cutting-edge wind energy production system under the name “Integrated Wind Energy Production System for Al-Ahli Hospital “  that will provide over 40% of the hospital's energy needs. This will be the first institution in Palestine to generate its electricity from wind power, and it is hoped that this project can serve as a model for others. 

The project will include the installment of a wind turbine that can produce up to 700 KW of energy. A study will also explore the potential for developing wind energy in the West bank.

The project will provide the biggest health organization in the West Bank with a large proportion of its electricity needs from a clean, safe, environmentally friendly source. Hebron, which is the largest city in the West Bank, is also one of the largest electricity consuming areas. Located at the highest point in the West Bank it is ideally suited for a wind energy plant as there is wind almost every day of the year.

This landmark project will constitute a model for green energy systems in the region.

The project has been funded through the European Union's Environment budget line, which helps developing countries and partner organisations to manage the environment and natural resources, to fulfill their obligations under multilateral environmental agreements and to participate fully in developing international policies in areas such as the fight against climate change, land degradation and desertification, biodiversity protection and proper management of waste and chemicals. The EU contribution to this project is EUR 1,3 million equivalent to 80% of the total cost of the action.


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