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Spanish delegation briefed on a wind power project in the Al-Ahli Hospital

A Spanish delegation from the Navara Spanish University  and the center for Energy and Environmental Research and Technology in Madrid visited Al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron, where the delegation was received by Mr. Abdel Karim Al-Zughayyar the chairman board of trustees, Eng. Mohammad Tamimi the director of biomedical engineering and projects, Eng.Alaa Al-Zughayyar the Al-Ahli wind energy project manager, and Mr.Basem Natshe the public Relations Director. The delegation briefed the latest arrangement for the AWEP project. Eng.Alaa Al-Zughayyar gave an explanation about the idea and the objectives of the AWEP project and how it can be applied on the ground. The delegation also briefed on the meteomat  station which was installed through the AWEP project,  and  visited the suggested turbine site. They also  showed the importance of the AWEP project and  clarified some guidance regarding the choice of the suitable site and commended the role played by this project in serving this medical and healthy institution at the private level and community service in general.


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