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This action aims to study, design and implement a new wind power generation system at the premises of the Patient’s Friends Society –PFS (referred as Al-Ahli Hospital hereafter) that will be integrated with the existing power supply system provided by the local authorities in order to minimize the risks of power intermittencies, minimize costs and improve the efficiency of in-hospital power generation. A pilot project involving turbine system with a total rated power of ~700KW capacity will be implemented at the premises of the Al-Ahli Hospital to help meet its energy needs and serve as a capacity building exercise to encourage and assist similar projects to be implemented in other similar health organizations in Palestine.


This action will further include a series of awareness-raising workshops for the community, local and international study visits and tours, training sessions, field and feasibility studies of potential sites for wind generation in Palestine, with a special focus on Hebron city and medical and health centres in general, The implementation of this project at Al-Ahli Hospital will significantly contribute to meet its energy needs and will encourage and assist similar projects to be implemented in similar organizations, also a lessons learnt report will be published at the end of the project with documentary records including the production of a film as a dissemination tool.



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