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Al-Ahli Hospital (PFS)




Al-Ahli Hospital

The name Patient’s Friends Society (P.F.S) started in Hebron in 1976 as a non governmental nonprofit and non political organization interested in health services in the South Part of the West Bank. The organization is directed by the board of trustees of seven members who are elected by the (2500) general assembly of the society .


The work of this board will be concentrated at the complementation of the remaining departments to cover all medical specialties. In the beginning, the work was at the Medical Center in down town Hebron with a (Laboratory – Radiology dept. and specialized clinics).

On 1988(P.F.S) starts building Al Ahli hospital, it was designed to cover (27.500 m2). The first (4)  departments opened in 1993 was the Emergency, the Internal Medicine, the Gynecology & Obstetrics and the General Surgery department with about (60) beds. Including to that, P.F.S. in Hebron run an Emergency department and (5) medical centers all over Hebron District. The emergency center was closed and compiles with hospital on 1995, and the (5) medical centers was given up local societies in the same year.

Today Al Ahli Hospital is the main and only project belongs to P.F.S., the hospital is the largest in Palestine, its working with the capacity of about (200) beds which will be (350) beds in the end of this big project. Al Ahli hospital was build by donations from all over the world. The hospital deals with over (150,000) patients per year including about (15,000) admissions



Hospital Departments:

  • Surgical department: including:

1. General surgery department.
2. Neuro-surgery.
3. Urology and lithotripsy.
4. Orthopedics.
5. Plastic surgery.
6. E.N.T.
7. Face reconstruction.
8. Vascular and Open Heart department
opened recently.
9. Gynecology and obstetrics department.

  • Medical Departments:
    - General Medical Departments:

1. Non Invasive Cardiology unit.
2. Cardiology Unit/ Invasive Cath Lab opened recently.
3. Pediatrics dept.
4. Neonatal dept.
5. ICU dept.
6. CCU dept.
7. Gastroentrology Unit.

- Emergency and out patient clinics Paramedical department.
1. Radiology dept. – Including MRI – CT.
2. Laboratory and blood bank.
3.Histopathology department.
4.Biomedical Engineering department.
5.Physiotherapy deparment.
6.Pharmacy department.
7.Nursing department.
8.Sterilization department.
9.Administrative departments.

  • The hospital has Nursing Collage
    with over (120) students studying (3) main specialties :
    1. Nursing.
    2. Midwifery.
    3. Anesthesia technician
    Also it has a residency program with cooperation with the Palestinian Medical Council, and a training program for the medical students of Jerusalem University.

  • Future plans:
    • To complete cardiovascular department including the Cath. Lab. and the Open Heart Surgery to be able to covers the South Parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
    • To upgrade the urology dept. reaching to kidney transplanting.
    • Expand the ophthalmology dept. to includes the ophthalmic surgery.
    • To develop the hospital in order to make it the best educational hospital in the West Bank.
    • To build new department with (8) operation rooms to be able to cover the increased work of the hospital.
    • To build New Nursing Collage.
    • To build New Floor in the Services Building to be the Biomedical Engineering Department.



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