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Core Purpose

To act as a consultant of stakeholders to influence, form, approve, monitor and evaluate the wind energy ICT strategy and implementation plan.

To improve access to services and information opportunities and achievement and to deliver an improved quality of service for project.


  1. To advise on, monitor and evaluate the Wind Energy project ICT strategy and implementation plan in terms of its impact and effectiveness to improve access, opportunity and achievement and to deliver an improved quality of service for people in the project through the management of the IT staff.

  1. To promote strategic thinking and understanding in relation to ICT and its potential to improve outcomes of the project.

  1. To act as a focal point across the different stakeholder and client groups with regard to the implementation, application and exploitation of ICT services for the project

  1. To advise on responses to external funding opportunities for ICT development in the context of the ICT strategy.

  1. To have particular regard to the non-technical issues which promote or inhibit the successful implementation of ICT development.

  1. To evaluate ICT activities and to review regularly the portfolio of activities.

  1. To make appropriate reports to stakeholder groups and to the Executive of the project

  2. To design the web –site for the project through contacting with professional company.

  3. To train the IT staff who is responsible for the website management and updating

  4. To supervise and follow-up the IT department throughout the duration of the project.

Duration and Frequency of Meetings

 30 months starting 1/5/2009 with Biweekly meetings. Few on demand meetings may be conducted as well.

Reporting Arrangementssa

The ICT consultant will report to the project manager.



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