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This re-granting proposal is published to help various organizations and research centers in Palestine interested in clean energy studies. Small grants through re-granting will be awarded to conduct activities related to this field which will include organizations interested in:

  • Environmental studies related to solar and wind energy.

  • Introduction of small wind power turbines (<10 KW) at rural sites to disseminate the idea of using wind energy.

  • Data collection and database creation related to solar and wind energy.

  • Training and capacity building related to solar and wind energy.

A committee will be formed to study the submitted proposals and to select the potential organizations and research centers. Only equal opportunity organizations will be granted.




- Annex II (General Conditions)

- Annex III (Budget for the action)

- Annex IV (Contract Award Procedure)

- Annex V (Request for payment for grant Contract)

- Annex VI (Interim Narrative Report)

- Annex VII (Expenditure Verification)


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