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Main Objective:

To install an integrated cost effective, sustainable and reliable clean energy system, with very low environmental costs, and to create public awareness as to the enormous opportunities offered by the green energy technologies.

Specific Objectives:

  • To decrease the hospital’s power consumption costs by approximately 30-40 % per year and to mitigate the risk of unpredictable increases in fuel and power prices.

  • To minimize the risk of damage to sensitive and costly equipment as a result of repeated power interruptions (i.e. increased reliability).

  • To reduce the environmental costs, such as carbon emissions, in the power generation process using fossil fuels.

  • To provide the hospital with an alternative source of power that will be integrated with the existing grid and fossil fuel power systems.

  • Increasing the awareness of the local community including power distribution companies, large industries, health care centres, in the usage and utilization of green and sustainable energy.

  • Building the capacity of the hospital’s staff and its associates that participate in the project in the field of wind energy management and technicalities.





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