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Organizational Structure and Management


The Project’s technical, managerial and the financial tasks will be performed by hospital staff together with local experts and new graduated employees. The EU partner and international consultants who are aware of all aspects of the project and is in a position to guarantee the harmonized and fruitful cooperation between the participants as well as the effective project outcome exploitation strategy. The project manager and management will be from Al-Ahli Hospital assisted in this work by a small central management team. In addition to the project manager, this team will include someone from the hospital management group and Dr Joy Clancy from the UT (our Partner organization). This team will be sufficient to make up a central team to oversee day-to-day decisions



The project manager is responsible for the day-to-day co-ordination of the project, interfacing between the project management team and the European Commission, and is further the leader of WPs 2, 6. He will consolidate the project planning, progress reports, milestone reports, cost statements and budgetary overviews using the inputs from the other partners and coordinate the communication between the various project entities. The manager will remain in close contact with the leaders of the other four WPs (1,3,4 , and 5) regarding all the technical and management aspects of the project.

 WP leaders will be appointed for each individual Work Package of the project. They will be responsible for the detailed co-ordination, planning, monitoring and reporting of their WP with complete coordination with the project manager.


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