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Partner :

The Department of Technology and Sustainable Development (TSD) and center for clean technology and environmental technology (CSTM)  of the University of Twente has more than 25 years of experience in developing training courses on energy management and renewable energy for its own in-house courses and for third parties. As an example, for SADC TAU, TSD, together with the East and South Africa Management Institute (ESAMI), developed and delivered a training course on Solar and Wind Energy. 


Through its extensive network, TSD is able to bring in appropriate technical expertise to supplement its in-house capabilities.  As such, within this project, TSD would be responsible for the capacity building of our partner (Al-Ahli hospital) and identified target groups.  This is a new partnership brought together through a mutual contact (the Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands) who correctly saw the fit between the lead partner’s needs and the TSD’s experience and expertise. Further, TSD/CSTM would advise and assist in the identification of appropriate international consultants and drawing up their job description.


Associated  Partner :

  • Hebron Electric Power Co.

  • Renewable Energy and Environment Research Unit (REERU), Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU)

  • Palestinian Energy Authority


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