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AWEP "EU Funded Project" Launched at Al-Ahli Hospital – Hebron

Under the Patronage of Hebron Governor "Dr.Hussein Al-Araj". The Patients Friends Society- Al Ahli Hospital Organized the Conference titled "Launching The Wind Energy Project at AL-Ahli Hospital", with the presence of  The European Commission Representative in Jerusalem "Mr. Christian  Berger", and the  representatives of the local community organizations and  the project partners from the University of TWENTE in the Netherlands.

The Ahli Hospital Wind Energy Project (AWEP) is an EU funded Project, and is officially launched during this Ceremony. The project which lasts 3 years aims to supply the hospital with more than 40% of the Hospital needs of power. The EU contribution to this project is EUR 1,3 million equivalent to 80% of the total cost.

The organized conference included a 2 workshop sessions, the first session was organized under the title " Renewable energy Facts" and presented by Dr. Joy Clancy – Project Partner-, Dr. Imad Khatib – Project Associate- and Eng. A, Sheikh – Project Associate. The sessions tackled the most important issues in the renewable energy stream like the renewable energy management and applications.

The second session titled '' Wind Energy Potentials in Palestine"  discussed the renewable energy potentials in Palestine through the presentations of Dr. Imad Ibrik, the project consultant, and Dr, Giles Stacy – Project Partners-. The presentations  addressed the future of Renewable Energy in Palestine and the possibilities for the development of this sector .

Finally the Project Manager of the project Eng.Alaa zughayer provided the audience an explanation and information session  about the Re-Granting activity which includes a  grants0020that will distributed through the project to the interested institutions of renewable energy which is a part of the project plan and expected to be launched by mid 2009..




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